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Themes of the Sargeant Museum

The Sargeant Museum features six basic themes which tell the story of Louisa County and its place in American history. The six themes are:

Native People - Numerous artifacts and paintings illustrate the story of the first peoples who lived in the area we now call Louisa County.

Sargeant MuseumThe American Revolution - The roots of the American Revoluntion in Virginia are illustrated through the life of Patrick Henry  and Dabney Carr and educate about the Colonial period and the Revolutionary War.

The Civil War - Artifacts, maps and displays tell the story of Louisa County and her citizens during the Civil War.  This room serves as an introductory stop to tour the Trevilians Station Battlefield.

Education – A pictorial history depicts the stages of education beginning in the colonial period through the creation of the  community college syste, including the education of African-Americans  udring segregation.

Transportation - Displays  tell the histories of the colonial roads through the coming of the modern highway system, the railroads and the airport.

Government - Displays and artifacts concerning the government, business and daily life of the citizens and the relationship between the town and the county from 1757 to today.

Native Peoples Revolutionary War Civil War
EducationTransportation Government

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