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Native Peoples 

It is now known that Native American Indians lived in this area for many thousands of years before the European explorers arrived. It is generally accepted that Indian tribes lived in this area for perhaps 12,000 to 14,000 years before the Spanish explorers and (later) the English settlers arrival. It is also widely accepted now that our Native American ancestors crossed over a land bridge from Asia into Alaska and migrated South – eventually populating both the North American and South American continents.

In fact, long before the arrival of European explorers, virtually the entire North American Continent was home to thousands of native tribes living in thousands of villages and towns from coast to coast. There were also nomadic bands, but most lived in villages and towns. They planted crops, domesticated many different animals, and actively traded with other villages and tribes –with many of them traveling over well-worn trading routes extending over hundreds of miles.

Native American Indians of our area and those across the North American Continent spoke many languages, were deeply religious, possessed a keen understanding of nature, and had a highly developed sense of art. It has also been found that they realized the depth of the generations that had gone before them. While recorded history of these people is scant to non-existent, they left behind literally millions of stone artifacts which nature has preserved for thousands of years.  In our display, visitors will see some of the hundred of such items found in Louisa County as well as a timeline illustrating when various native peoples were present. On exhibit panel tells about an ongoing archealogical exloration at Panamint Farm.

Native Peoples Timeline         Native Americans of Louisa County


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