Louisa County Historical Society
Louisa County Historical Society

Chartered in 1966, the purpose of the Louisa County Historical Society is to promote the preservation of historical records, collect existing materials, writings and artifacts of life in Louisa County and to make these histloucollections available to the public. Two magazines are published each year - Spring and Fall; Newsletters are published quarterly, spring, summer, fall and winter.

The Historical Society works closely with the Louisa County Library, which is considered the research center. The Library contains a majority of the Society's Museum Collection of books. As the Library is open every day, except Sunday, in a sense the Museum is open every day for most of the year.   We invite anyone with access to old family records, Bibles, letters, diaries, etc. with information on Louisa County citizens and happenings to please share with the Society for our archives.

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Louisa County Historical Society • P.O. Box 1172 • Louisa, Virginia 23093 • 540-967-5975